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Chiropractic Principles of Life

Throughout the years, it has been self evident that the Brain and Body connection is the driving force of health in the human body. Without a steady flow of a life force and a healing force, the bodies cells, tissues, and organs could not function or heal. With a diminished life force, the body organs weaken over time. It is with specific chiropractic adjustments that we receive the full power to express our full potential to keep our body strong. Regular chiropractic care keeps the body functioning at a higher level. Ever wonder why professional athletes use chiropractic over and over? Because they want that competitive edge, they want their full potential to be expressed every time they play their sport! Call our office today to express YOUR full potential!


This system is the "automatic" part of the nervous system, responsible for everything from breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, sleep cycle, elimination, metabolism, concentration, thoughts etc. If you understood the intimate relationship between your spinal POSTURE and the functioning of ALL systems in your body, would you get ADJUSTED more often? We know your answer would be "YES", and that's why we have made it easy to be under "REGULAR" chiropractic care at our office. Call today and find out what plan is right for you!

Spine AP LAT

Here at Functional Spine & Wellness we take DIGITAL X-RAYS to determine the condition of your SPINE before we start care. This helps us check for wear and tear or damage that may take more time to repair. To see is to KNOW, not to see is to guess, and we don't guess with your HEALTH.


Chiropractic care has been shown to help relieve everything from scoliosis to the common cold. It has also been shown to improve a person’s circulatory system, which is how blood flows through the body. Restricted blood flow can be caused by nerve damage, hypertension, and other illnesses. Nausea, dizziness, fainting and migraine headaches can result with reduced cerebral blood flow. This restriction in the brain is called cerebral hypoperfusion and a new study suggests that chiropractic care may ease it. Chiropractic care has been clinically proven to help improve blood flow to extremities and critical areas of the body. Good circulation is important at any age and, as studies have shown, the better your circulation, the healthier you will be overall. Your chiropractor can help ensure that you get adequate blood flow to your brain and your entire body. Restoring motion to restricted spinal bones help improve your circulation and gives better nutrition to surrounding tissues.


After an injury or years of dysfunction, re-establishing functional movement patterns is key to recovery and eliminating pain. Learn how to move properly, exercise safely, gain stability, strength and power though a personalize rehab program. As a chiropractor, ALIGNMENT IS EVERYTHING!

The 33 Chiropractic Principles

The 33 Chiropractic Principles


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